You’re told how to make color with vegetables

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Water and vegetables! For the rest, trust your imagination.

To fight against boredom, why not let your imagination run wild and try watercolor. Don’t have a color? No problem, you are told how to do it yourself, and in a completely ecological way.

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This creative idea and zero waste comes from Ins Moreau. On his blog The small gestures, spotted by Marie Claire France, shares the young woman simple ideas to realize, and always zero waste. On Instagram, she explains an easy-to-do trick to create her own color from vegetables. To get colored water, simply cut and cook separately:

  • A beetroot for red
  • Onion peels for beige
  • Coffee grounds for chestnut
  • A carrot for orange
  • Turmeric for yellow
  • Parsley for green

Once these foods are cooked, simply collect the colored water. Put it in small glasses, and all you have to do is make your masterpiece!