Yakwol plaid by MoreThanHip – The Better World

Every season has something. In winter hopefully beautiful snowy landscapes, spring with the flowers that come and the lambs on the meadow, summer with beautiful sunbathing on the beach and balmy summer evenings and autumn with its exuberant character and the candle on the table and …. My check can come out again.

Crawling away under a checkered

Because what could be better if it’s cold outside and it’s raining that you can crawl under a plaid on the couch. And of course such a plaid should look beautiful and they know what to do with more Thanhip. On my anthracite-coloured sofa, the turquoise sofa stands really beautiful. The plaid looks beautiful as decoration on my couch, but if I can find it underneath. The size of the plaid is 110 x 230 cm, so I’m very much under it and I’m definitely not cold. The Plaids are available in up to nine different colours.

Of course, the plaid can also be used as a blanket in the garden, if the balmy summer evening cools down a little faster or as yoga-karo, because the good insulating effect makes it wonderfully warm. And you’d say a plaid made of wool tickles, but this plaid feels beautiful and soft. The plaid is not made of real yak wool because this is very expensive and scarce product, so cotton and acrylic is all handmade used in Nepal. On looms, the checkered piece is made by workers who are treated well and receive a fair wage. A must with a good story and a fair price.

And the plaids are also sent sustainably, because on the box there is a sticker with the inscription: “This box has been reused”. So it’s going well!

By: Tessa Dry