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On Wednesday, the Vias Institute for Road Safety in Belgium published a series of questions on the “new” of the Road Traffic Code, which have been amended more than forty times in the last ten years. The possibility for licence applicants to practise during containment, but also for holders of the precious sesame, to find out about the rules that have come into force since their examination.

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According to a survey by the Vias Institute, on average one in three Belgians do not master the latest regulations of the Road Traffic Code, while new concepts have been introduced in recent years. Recently, the rules for electric bicycles and other travel vehicles, the concept of zipper, the bicycle road, the low-emission zone appeared… are just as many new developments that drivers with a few years of driving time are not always known.

For example, 19% of motorists do not know that it is forbidden to overtake a cyclist on a bicycle road. More than one in three do not know that users of travel vehicles have to drive on the pavement when they are travelling at speed, if not on the bike path. Half are unaware that only professional drivers are subject to a maximum alcohol level of 0.2 per mille.

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To fill these gaps, the Vias Institute uses the blocking period to ask ten questions online every day for a week about the latest rules of the Highway Code, which allow license applicants to practice during school closures and refresh their knowledge for others. The quiz can be found here on the vias.be website.

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