World Oceans Day: The main threats to the ocean in pictures and figures – Travel

First, the good news: the Corona crisis is giving our oceans a chance to temporarily recover from the harmful influence of humans. There are fewer dangers, swimming, pollution and fishing. A good thing, according to David Jones, researcher, underwater photographer and CEO of Just One Ocean, an organization dedicated to protecting our oceans.” The reduction in fishing gives the fish population time to recover. There are also fewer boats, which makes the water brighter and the underwater vegetation blooms,” Jones told Turkey’s Anadolu Agency.

However, these changes are likely to be destroyed if we re-enter our old ways together after the Corona crisis. World Oceans Day, which has been held annually on 8 June since 2002, reminds citizens, organisations and politicians of the importance of our oceans for the survival of humans and the planet. After all, the oceans provide a large part of human food, oxygen production, and water and heat regulation on Earth.

An overview of the main threats from the ocean.