Wish list: What’sUP | Show

For my birthday Flori gave me a stand-up paddle board. Since then I’ve been back in surf fever! What a nice surprise, because surfing was the last time I was six years ago. I must have assumed I’d never be standing on a shelf in the water again. I used to spend at least a month a year in Indonesia and the Christmas holidays almost always on Fuerteventura. Then my life took a turn of 180 degrees: I became a mother, moved to Brandenburg. I had always shot in front of the waves, but still I loved surfing because at some point the body adapts to the movements in the water and in the head it makes “Click!”.

The “I’m afraid!” then became a “Weather!” This high feeling pushed me more than anything else and I loved being a woman to feel the kind of strength and confidence that I was able to build through the daily workout.

Now I’m 42 and I almost break my wrists if I want to show my daughter how a wheel strike goes on the meadow. On Lake Wusterwitz you can’t surf and our holidays take place because we parents are guaranteed not to take place on a windswept Atlantic coast. Still, you shouldn’t bury all your dreams, do you? Sure, SUP isn’t as exciting as surfing, it’s more of a worthy glide through the water. However, the hull is super trained and when I look at the blue water I feel great relaxation.

1. SUP hardboard: Decathlon, SUP paddle: Decathlon, 2. T-shirt: H&M, 3. “Souvenir” chain pendant: Jane Koenig, 4. Swimsuit: Roxy, 5. Paperbag shorts: H&M,