Why this new feature is anything but popular


Available for the first time on Android, the change in reading speed is not only pleasant.

This is a new feature that appears attractive to users of the platform, but it also clenches directors and producers.

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Tested since 2019, changing the playback speed of a movie or series is now a reality on Android. As of this Saturday, four modes are available: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x and 1.5x. In other words, a 50-minute episode watched 1.5 times lasts just over half an hour.

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A spokesman for the service said: ” Our customers appreciate this flexibility, be it to watch their favorite scene or to slow down certain passages because they see a subtitled show or have difficulty hearing “Regardless of whether they are convenience or accessibility options, there is no question that someone must use them as the default selection.

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Aside from the fact that many Internet users were already outraged on Twitter about this new feature, which is considered humiliating for works and their creators. I am not sure whether this controversy will improve the image of the American platform.