Why extraterrestrial life on Venus could well exist


In search of possible extraterrestrial life in our solar system, a team of Russian scientists argues that life can exist on Venus because microorganisms survive in their environment.

For a long time, the search for possible extraterrestrial life was confined to Mars, a planet that combines all the conditions to accommodate life. But closer to us, Venus could contain living microorganisms.

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In any case, the Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences has concluded that extraterrestrial life may well exist on Venus. Its scientists have discovered that micromycetes, microchampignons, can survive under conditions in the planet’s atmosphere, the report iTech Post.

Despite dantesque conditions, more than 470oC on its surface and an atmosphere of 96.5% carbon dioxide, Venus could therefore, according to these results, be an ideal candidate for the appearance of life.

A climate conducive to the presence of water

Mars is not being knocked out because the team of scientists used the technique of its first study, but with the conditions that could be encountered on the red planet. As a result, the organisms also survived the icy environment of Mars.

As early as 2018, a team from the University of Wisconsin (USA) revealed that Venus had a climate in its distant past that was conducive to the presence of water on its surface.more than 2 billion years.

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This presence of liquid water, even in very hostile environments, also gives hope for the presence of life in the atmosphere of the Shepherd’s Star.