What you can (or may not) do on the handlebars of your bike

Cars and mobility

Deconfinement committed and with the beautiful days that appear, the Belgians rush on both wheels and prepare a summer of walks to escape. The bike is therefore popular, but it is still necessary to know how to use it correctly and to respect certain basic rules. A quick look back.

Driving without a helmet?

As the GRACQ notes,, LE Wearing a helmet is not mandatory In Belgium, and the non-profit insists that this remains a personal decision. However, it is particularly recommended for specific target groups: children, the elderly and sports cyclists. Be sure to wear a high quality helmet that is your size and comfortable. After all, its lifespan is limited to five years. After this time you will need to change your headgear.

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Overtaking cars on bicycles

Often a line in front of a traffic light forces the cyclist to double the number. As Citycle reminds us, it is imperative to double through the left, and never from the rightMotorists do not expect to be overtaken from the right side and even well installed in your reserved lane, overtaking from the right can be fatal if the motorist decides to turn suddenly.

Roll in two head-on collisions

The law allows you to drive side by side in urban areas If the width of the road allows,, but this option is strict prohibited when a vehicle arrives from behind. You must then position yourself in an Indian queue. Two-fronted traffic is also prohibited in bus lanes that are open to cyclists.

Are you grilling a red light?

Not except if a character ” To give is attached to the fire. In this case, the priority rule must be respected and no vehicles will cross the road at this time.

Can I use my headphones on my bike?

As reported by Pro Velo, this practice is not prohibited in Belgium. The association advises not to wear them to keep an eye on the surrounding noises. Listening is a particularly important sense on the bike, and allows you to anticipate the arrival of a car at an intersection or the vehicles behind you.

Music lovers and cyclists? It is allowed, but it is very dangerous. © Unsplash.

Drinking or driving

When it comes to alcohol, cyclists are subject to the same restrictions as motorists. As a reminder, the border is 0.5% alcohol per litre of blood. However, you do not run the risk of your driving licence being confiscated for driving.

Keep your phone in your pocket

The law is very clear: a cyclist drives a “vehicle” and is therefore not allowed to make a phone call while holding his mobile phone in his hand. It is a second-degree offence, Fined 116 Euros. They were warned. If you still want to check your smartphone as a GPS, you can always hang a handlebar holder.

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Be visible and well equipped

On the road it is of the utmost importance to be visible and to have good signage on the bike. The safety of all users is at stake. Whether in the middle of the day or at night, being spotted on the street is important when driving. In order to avoid the risks, reflective elements, headlights at the front and rear and, of course, a doorbell.