Warm hands on the bike

Every day I go to work on my bike. In winter, this is not always a pleasure, because it is cold and dark. My gloves are regularly completely soaked in rain and if I’m lucky, they’re dry at the end of the day to get put on when I go home.

10 plastic bottles

The wobs, as the bicycle mitts are called, are made from 10 recycled plastic bottles. The plastic is ground into flakes, then melted into grains. Then yarn is drawn from it, from which fabric is made, and these are the wobs.

The idea of the wobs originated in 2012 in Shanghai, where the industrial designer Hester Tavern lived and worked. Each two-wheeler was equipped with gloves against the cold. This was also something for the Netherlands, so Hester designed an environmentally friendly, comfortable and high-quality version with a modern design.

The wobs are available in different colours and designs for children and adults. They are waterproof and with its beautiful fur coat inside you can not get cold hands.

My review

The wobs were easy to mount on my handlebars. Since I have an electric bike, the control panel was a bit in the way, so I had the gloves fixed for the vediening panel at first, but in hindsight it wasn’t comfortable, because if I wanted to accelerate, I had to get my hand out of the wobs first. Now my control panel is in the wobs, which works much better. In really cold weather I just can’t find the wobs warm enough, so I just put my gloves on in the wobs. They stay nice and dry now and I definitely don’t have any cold hands anymore. I am very happy with the wobs and have already received many nice comments.

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