VVD Group Chairman Dijkhoff gives ‘precautionary measures’ for clubs | Right away

VVD Group Chairman Klaas Dijkhoff wants the professional clubs and the KNVB to come up with a quick plan to get through the Corona crisis in the best possible way. According to the politician, there are only a few mud battles left and clubs are only looking at their own interests.

“If KNVB and clubs are mainly involved in matches next season, they will miss the problems they face,” Dijkhoff wrote in a dispute on Friday. Facebook page.

Dijkhoff says he is pleased that an agreement has been reached on Thursday on a collective pay cut for players, but he says that is not nearly enough.

“Unfortunately, that’s all. I haven’t seen a plan. However, we see every week that we are arguing in the short term. Disagreements about decisions, administrative soap operas, rethinking pure soap operas and repeated accusations between clubs that the other is not in solidarity.”

‘Beloved football, look around’

KNVB Director Eric Gudde asked the government late last month to help us find solutions to the financial problems in Dutch football caused by the coronavirus. He fears a loss of around EUR 400 million.

Dijkhoff believes that the clubs and the league should first work in agreement in order to be eligible for financial support from the government.

“Dear football, look around,” writes Dijkhoff, who is pall ticket holder. ‘You’re not the only one with problems. It’s very busy at the political counter. If you just say you’re paying 400 million damages without putting up a decent plan, then you’re in the back of the queue.”

“Don’t get out of the way of painful decisions”

Dijkhoff therefore advises the clubs and the KNVB to “go back to the drawing board” and “forge a coalition”.

“Don’t always read your own list of interests. Try to make a plan that makes football as a whole better. Then you see if this plan is particularly disproportionate to your club, and then try to alleviate that suffering.”

“Don’t get out of the way of painful decisions. There are no solutions without pain anyway. Interfering is even more misery.”