Vogue: Racist photos of the magazine resurface

LeBron James was the first black man to be featured on a cover Vogue. The cover was dissected by the press, and many media compared it to the American war propaganda poster “Destroy this crazy brute” [publiée en 1917 et utilisée par l’armée américaine pour recruter des soldats pour la Première Guerre mondiale, NDLR]. In a modern context, it represents the highly problematic stereotype that compares blacks to primates, an act that racists have committed for centuries to dehumanize them.” reads the publication of Diet Prada.

The Instagram account also added an appearance of Kendall Jenner with an afro, a haircut that has also faced criticism and ridicule in the history of racism, and a series of photos of Irina Shayk being arrested by police in a park. These clichés were inspired by politics Stop and Frisk New York police during Rudy Giuliani’s tenure as mayor, a policy that exposed the practice of facies controls in the Big Apple and its suburbs.

In the comments in Diet Prada’s slideshow, the hashtag #RetireWintour (“Send Wintour to Retirement”) was widely shared. Condé Nast has already stated that Anna Wintour will remain editor-in-chief of the magazine.