Victoria Beckham: Designer says she was the victim of unjustified lynching

David and Victoria Beckham, two of the most popular stars in the UK and the world, are now one of the most hated couples. How can Victoria, whose combined fortune with that of her husband is estimated at around €380 million, make thirty employees unemployed and rely on the British taxpayer to pay them? She claims to be the victim of an unjustified lynching.

The info is signed Daily Mail ! In his Sunday edition Mail On Sunday, from 26 April 2020, the British tabloid reveals that Victoria Beckham has publicly opted for mutism in response to her use of a British government emergency fund to pay thirty employees of her clothing brand who became unemployed because of the coronavirus.

Behind the scenes, the former Spice Girl turned fashion designer would be “angry and stressed“. “There were many crisis calls [avec la direction de la marque Victoria Beckham, NDLR] how they can react. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Victoria is making a head. She is used to David being criticised, but apart from slight ridicule, because she can’t sing very well or never smile, she’s never been seen like that.“, said a source Daily Mail.

On the other hand, another celebrity entrepreneur attracts the public’s sympathy. Ed Sheeran refused to take the staff of his bar, Bertie Blossoms London, technically unemployed. However, the plant is closed due to the pandemic.