Vettel: “When the Formula One family takes care of each other at this extraordinary time” | Right away

Sebastian Vettel is urging Formula One teams to keep a close eye on the Corona crisis. The Ferrari driver fears that the survival of smaller teams will be at risk.

“We are going through an extraordinary time,” the 32-year-old Vettel said in an interview with“For some smaller teams, the question is whether they will survive. As a Formula One family, we need to keep an eye on each other.”

Formula One would undergoing a revolutionary transformation in 2021 with completely new cars. In order to reduce costs, it was decided to postpone the introduction of the new rules by one year.

Next year, however, a budget cap will be introduced so that each team can only spend a certain amount. Since no consensus has yet been reached on this limit, the top teams and smaller teams are diametrically opposed.

Sebastian Vettel in action at the test days in Barcelona earlier this year. (Photo: Pro Shots)

“Ferrari must also think in the interests of sport”

Although Ferrari announced a week ago that they would not add water to the wine, Vettel is still asking his team to consider the smaller stables.

“Whether a particular decision works well for Ferrari doesn’t matter at the moment,” Vettel added. “We all need to think in the interests of sport. And I think that’s ultimately my team’s intention.”

Formula One is currently working on a completely new calendar, which is supposedly presented at short notice. Formula One boss Chase Carey is aiming for 15 to 18 races in 2020. The first Grand Prix of the season will take place on July 5 in Austria.

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