VEJA opens world’s first store

After 15 years of existence, VEJA opens its first store in the heart of Paris. Fully committed to reuniting the entire collection under one roof in Le Marais.

Since 2005, VEJA has been deconstructing the production chain from A to Z and changing every step. From more ecological raw materials to the people who send the sneakers, VEJA proves that free and different work is possible.

The brand has grown steadily internationally since its inception and is now sold in the best selective stores in the world. VeJA’s main market today is the United States and the United Kingdom, which account for about 40% of sales. The range of the collection grew step by step, after this expansion. In addition to the brand’s strong online presence, it was time for VEJA to launch its first physical space and create a destination store in the center of Paris.

This new environment covers 80 m2 with a clean and minimalist interior, where the main idea is to remove existing layers and elements and add only the essential furniture designed by the Parisian architectural firm Cigué.

A modest and ecological shop

The mix of Cguu’s Japanese approach and veJA’s more electric way of working creates a balanced, modest and dynamic space. In line with the way VEJA manufactures a sneaker, he reviewed the materials and processes used to build the room. The cigüe team has developed a newly developed material made of plaster and recycled paper in-house. The pressed paper panels are used throughout the store as a back drop to show the sneakers at their best. Both teams gathered ideas to create an ecological store by reducing the use of color and artificial decorations as much as possible, leaving cigüe raw space in its original state, with a space where History is revealed.

It was also chosen to preserve the existing facade and wooden floor, which was recently renovated by the Parisian designer Raphael Navot. As a last key element, the lighting was designed by the Brazilian artist Glue Matheus, a master in neon lights.

In 2008, VEJA moved from Edf To ENERCOOP, where he considered renewable energy sources for the headquarters and for the various businesses. ENERCOOP is a French green cooperative that commits to bringing renewable energy into the grid in order to meet consumer consumption.

The shop is located at 15 Rue de Poitou, Paris, France.

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