Union CEO Wurz: “Formula 1 drivers are open to racing without fans” | Right away

President Alexander Wurz of the Grand Prix Drivers’ union stresses that all drivers are open to quitting races without an audience if necessary.

Due to the Corona crisis, the first ten Grands Prix of the season could not continue. The probability that the other races this year can be held with the public is very low, but from the beginning of July there will probably be no more public races.

“Let me start by saying that no one in motorsport is a fan of ghost racing,” Wurtz says, according to Motorsport.com in the Sky Vodcast“We want to share all the emotions along the way with the public. But of all the drivers I’ve spoken to, no one says they don’t want to drive without an audience or think this idea is wrong.”

“Actually, it’s the right thing to do. We have a commitment in this global industry called Formula 1. We need to get the sport back on track, and we can do that sooner rather than usual by holding these ghost races. All drivers accept this.”

“We have become a very safe industry”

The Austrian Grand Prix on July 5 is currently the next race on the calendar. Wurtz recently had contact with Formula One bosses in a meeting to see how the Grands Prix can be carried out responsibly.

‘It wasn’t a negotiation, it was a conversation where everyone shared their vision of how we can continue the season as quickly and safely as possible. Over the years, we have become a very safe industry,” says wurtz.

“Everyone in the world of motorsport is used to strict protocols. I think it is nice to see that everyone involved in Formula One is thinking carefully about the process that we need to follow. We are doing everything we can to create the most solid environment possible for the drivers and the organising country.”

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