Unins and Unbein, this inevitable consequence of captivity

Beauty and well-being

Mental discomfort, anxiety disorders and loss of self-confidence are symptoms that characterize Belgians who remain in captivity.

THE UCLouvain and the University of Antwerp have investigated how the health crisis and its consequences are weighing on the morale of Belgians. Depressive feelings are constant and affect almost half of the respondents who The Evening Monday.

Half of the respondents felt uncomfortable

This is the second part of an investigation that began on March 21, three days after the National Security Council announced containment measures. Of the 20,000 respondents, one in two (52% were mentally ill). Normally, only 18% of them experience this feeling.

The second phase of consultations was carried out a month later with 12,000 of the original 20,000 participants. A total of 49% were mentally ill. However, a third of people with mental health problems returned to normal in March, while a quarter of those who did well in March saw their mental health deteriorate.

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In addition to this general objectification, the second part of the study brings interesting nuances. He tells us that the feelings of stress and fear, very present at the beginning of captivity, seem to have faded. On the other hand, they have given way to sleep and concentration problems, loss of confidence and decreased self-esteem. Depressive feelings remain constant and affect almost half of the participants.

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