U.S. military formalizes UFO existence with 3 stunning videos


The Pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of the three videos leaked in 2017.

An object that moves at high speed in the sky, astonished American soldiers: The few seconds of images will inspire the ufologists, the lovers of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The Pentagon on Monday released three short videos of “unidentified aerial phenomena” from 2004 and 2015.

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You may remember Blink 182 and the hits “All the Small Things” and “Miss You,” which thwarted the booms of the 1990s. Today, Tom DeLonge, the band’s lead singer and guitarist, is also known for founding To The Stars Academy, a structure that relentlessly follows UFOs. And it is thanks to him that these videos are at the center of the craziest theories.

“Something that has never been seen before”

Two of the videos, filmed by infra cameras, show crowds flying fast, and pilots are confused by their speed. One of them explains that it could be a drone, but without certainty.

One of them dates back to 2004, explains Cnn who had already interviewed one of the pilots in 2017. He was talking about ” something he had never seen in his life”, able to accelerate and “accelerate” disappear in less than two seconds. »

Avoid any notion of obfuscation in front of the public

The U.S. Navy recognized its veracity last September, and the Pentagon decided to formalize it. Dispel public misunderstandings about the reality or non-imagery of the circulating images or if there was more information in the videos. »

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The videos, which did not contain sensitive information and had no impact on a subsequent investigation into space intrusions, may have been “unclassified” and brought to the public’s attention, Said U.S. Department of Defense spokeswoman Sue Gough.