To avoid contamination, the post-coronavirus aircraft can be


Their air travel may never be the way they used to be.

Although it is not yet known when commercial flights will resume, some are already preparing for the post-and-here hygiene measures that will be created on aircraft. And the Italian company Avio Interiors (already) offers airlines two concepts of devices to protect the passengers of the Covid-19.

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These two models, known as “Glasssafe” and “Janus,” consist of a Plexiglas wall system to facilitate compliance with social removal measures once flights have resumed, explained Fast Company.

The first system, “Glasssafe”, does not require any redesign of the cabin or seat layout. This device made of transparent plates attached to the upper part of the seats has only one purpose: “ Create an isolated volume around the passenger to avoid or limit contact and interactions in the airspecified by the manufacturer.

An “easy-to-clean” device

Avio Interiors indicates that the model is available in a variant “ opaque or at different levels of transparency». The scheme is also “in the Easy to clean and designed for safe hygiene».

The “Glass safe” system. © Avio Interiors.

Special features that also apply to the “Janus” model, which includes the redesign of the seats of the aircraft that would be equipped with them. In the three-chair blocks, the middle seat is turned over so that its occupant is aligned to the rear.

Aviation Coronavirus future cabin
The “Janus” system. © Avio Interiors.
coronavirus Aviation
The “Janus” system. © Avio Interiors.

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Here, too, all seats are surrounded by a plexiglass wall. But the layout of the chairs “ provides maximum insulation between passengers sitting next to each other“The company explains.