This awesome software (and free) gives you the face of stars during your video calls


To deceive the boredom of captivity, step into the shoes of Eminem, Barack Obama, Harry Potter or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Would you like to slip into a celebrity’s shoes during your video conference? This is now possible thanks to Avatarify software.

Available in open source – i.e. completely free – as we explain Vice This program replaces your face in real time with that of many celebrities thanks to the famous Deepfake technique.

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In a demo video, its creator Ali Ali Aliiev shows that it is easy to take the face of Steve Jobs or Obama during his video calls.

Compatible with Zoom and Skype

The software is installed on Windows, Linux or Mac and is compatible with Skype and Zoom video conferencing services, which have been widely used since the beginning of containment.

It already offers a number of avatars by default: Albert Einstein, Eminem, the Mona Lisa, Harry Potter, Ronaldo or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is even possible to use purely random faces.

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We will not lie, the quality of the transformation is not the most breathtaking, but the effect of surprise is guaranteed the next time you have an appointment with your friends. To download it, It is so.