These 5 questions would reveal your inner personality

Psycho and Sexo

This Japanese test is currently making the rounds on social networks and would allow us to discover certain essential characteristics of our personality.

The book Cocology: the game of self-discovery has sold over 7 million copies in Japan. It offers a range of psychology games, among other things, to reveal our personality traits and discover the interpretations hidden behind our thoughts and behaviors. In this book, we discover in particular the test of the cube, which suggests discovering one’s deep “me” in just three minutes. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil, a little imagination, and most importantly, letting go. Let’s go !

The dice test

1. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a vast desert. In the distance you can see a cube. Visualize it well. How big is he? Why is? Is it transparent or opaque? How far is it from you and the ground? Is it still or is it moving?

2. Next, imagine a ladder next to this cube. Imagine this again. What material is it in? How big is he? Where is it located in relation to the cube? Is it damaged or new? What is its shape?

3. In this empty desert, in the middle of which there is only a cube and a ladder, a horse suddenly appears. Watch it closely and see how it looks. Is he moving? If so, in which direction? How does it look like ?

4. Now imagine flowers in this desert. Once again it is about letting your imagination draw you in. How many are there? Where are they in relation to the cube, the ladder, and the horse? Are they all the same or diverse? Do you recognize them

5. In the end, do you imagine a storm? What’s happening ? Is it getting closer or is it moving away? Which colour has the sky? Is it raining ? Is it? Are you under or in the shelter? Are the elements affected by this storm? If yes, which?

The result

You wrote or remembered the answers on a piece of paper. What do these pictures mean now?

1. The cube symbolizes your ego. If he’s big and wide, you probably have confidence in yourself. When it is small and thin, you are humble, even shy and reserved.

2. The ladder represents your friendships. Is it put against the cube or is it far away? In other words, are you close to your friends or are you more independent? Is the size big and wide or short and narrow, so do you have a lot of friends or not? Having a few close friends isn’t a bad thing though, it just reveals a few traits of your character.

3. The horse represents your real or imaginary half. If the horse you imagined is tough and powerful, see your spouse as a reliable and dedicated person. Conversely, like a flirtatious person who likes to take care of himself. Your horse’s position in relation to the cube represents the proximity or distance to your partner. Whether he’s near the cube or walking toward it, your story is stable and fulfilling.

4. The flowers symbolize your actual or future children. The number of flowers you have in mind equals the number of children you would like, some or many. The closer they are to the cube, the closer you are to them or the greater your desire for children. If they are far away, it means that your independence and individuality mean a lot to you too.

5. After all, the storm represents your fears. Is it near or far from the cube, in other words, do you feel unsafe or in danger? If the thunder rumbles, you may be concerned.