The network of common gardens to travel to Belgium this summer


Welcome to my garden is the ingenious idea of a young Belgian to offer places to set up his tent this summer to travel to Belgium.

Summer 2020 is likely to be 100% Belgian. The Epivid 19 epidemic has closed the borders of many countries and taken our reservations for our next holiday. Belgium has no plan to allow non-essential travel abroad until 8 June (a date that is likely to change in the coming weeks), and our hopes of exploring the world this year are fading. So there is a good chance that our district court will be the next place this summer. For adventure lovers who don’t want to crowd out campsites who are at risk of becoming overcrowded, the platform is Welcome to my garden created.

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Dries Van Ransbeeck created the website where citizens who want to share their garden with passers-by can get in touch. “For those who like to be outdoors and avoid crowded places, I have set up Welcome to My Garden, a network of citizens who provide their garden as a campsite for slow travellers.”, by bike or on foot. An excellent opportunity to rediscover Belgium and its treasures, on which we rarely live.

Simply fill out the form available on the website for your garden to appear on the platform and be geolocated on the map. The aim is to provide travellers with a piece of personal space to set up their tents free of charge; There are not only the gardens provided, but also the official bivouac areas. A kind of mixture of Campspace, the Flemish Airbnb of Camping and warmshower, the platform that provides individuals to provide a roof for passing cyclists.

Of course, domestic travel is not yet allowed, but the platform already exists, so people who want to register their garden.