The infallible trick to cleaning your microwave in record time

Food and gastronomy

There is a super simple technique to disinfect the inside of the always handy microwave.

Just a lemon is all it takes to clean your microwave super fast – what you are reminded of should be cleaned very regularly.

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Flat in just 3 minutes

This is the page of CNews Who tells us about this trick not complicated for a penny. We explain how to proceed.

First, take a bowl of water and add the juice of half a squeezed lemon. Then it is brought to maximum power in the microwave for three minutes. Be careful, do not open the door yet and let it stand for a minute: the steam generated has an infallible effect, namely to soften the food residues encrusted on the walls, but also to disinfect and remove bad odors.

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All you need to do is quickly wipe the inside of the machine with a rag and you’re good to go to have it glow brightly.