The importance of vitamin D … in every season

Do you know Fact-checker? The television programme in which three presenters Facts Check. Then it’s often about things that most people definitely appreciate. I am a fan, if only because the programme makes it clear that most popular wisdom is not correct. In my practice and in social life, I very often hear so-called health tidbits, which make no sense at all. Recently I heard another about vitamin D …

Only in winter?

I visited my girlfriend. She cleaned up in the kitchen and grabbed a glass of vitamin D, which was on the cupboard. “I’m going to put it away because with the sunny days coming, we get enough vitamin D,” she said.

And yes, the popular belief wants you to be able to store your vitamin D supplements when winter is over. But that’s not true … I have had to clear up this misunderstanding many times in my practice.

Half away from sunlight

The sun indeed stimulates the production of vitamin D in our body. We get about half of our needs from sunlight. The other half comes from our diet. But as an osteopath and nutritionist, I often see people who lack vitamin D, even in spring and even summer – when there is enough sunlight.

Three conditions

The sun only really influences the production of vitamin D when it is sufficiently strong, radiates on more than 50% of its skin and fills its rays at an angle of ideally 30 degrees. I do not have to tell you that the situations in which these three conditions are met are not common. So even in the sunniest periods of the year, you can build up a vitamin D deficiency if you don’t take supplements.

Supplements as an alternative

Another reason why you take vitamin D supplements better in spring and summer? The sunscreen you lubricate on your skin limits the sun’s irritating effect. And not with sunscreen is not an option, because this is a real attack on your skin and your health. So keep lubricating well and against any vitamin D deficiency with dietary supplements because they offer you a good alternative to the sun.

Why? Therefore!

Now you may be wondering if it is so important to produce enough vitamin D. The answer? Yes! You can’t possibly overestimate the importance of vitamin D for your body. Because vitamin D plays an essential role in a number of important processes in your body. I would like to put some in a row for you:

  • Strong bones and teeth
    Vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium by your body. This gives you strong bones and teeth. In the elderly, vitamin D also ensures that the bones continue to contain sufficient lime, making them less porous and reducing the risk of fractures.
  • Smooth and strong muscles
    Vitamin D has a positive effect on the suppleness and strength and function of your muscles. In addition, vitamin D also increases your sense of balance, which increases stability.
  • Increased resistance
    There is no irrefutable evidence yet, but there are very strong signs that vitamin D also increases your immunity – your resistance. This means that vitamin D makes them less likely to get sick.
  • Better in the skin
    There are studies that show that vitamin D also stimulates the production of serotonin – the happiness hormone. This will make you feel better in your skin if you have enough vitamin D.

In short, there are many reasons to keep your vitamin D levels all year round!

Wide range of supplements

The range of vitamin D supplements is large and it is not easy to make a good choice. Personally, I have very good experience with the Vitamin D Supplements by Holland & Barrett. I always recommend these supplements to patients in my practice. The reason? They are high quality supplements from a real vitamin specialist. In addition, they are available on an animal and plant basis and in various forms. So something for everyone!

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