The five best men’s haircuts of 2020

New year, new hair

Ready for a new haircut? That’s convenient. 2020 is not just a new year, but a completely new decade. No better time to go for a new look than now! To help you make up your mind, we’ve put together a top five of this year’s trendiest men’s hairstyles for you. Short haircuts, medium length haircuts and everything in between – your new haircut is guaranteed to be there.

These are the five best men’s haircuts of 2020

1. Buzz cut

Back from actually-never-been-gone: the buzzcut, or near-shaved hair. With this hairstyle you immediately create a cool look. Something for you? Then you are in good company. Celebrities like Wentworth Miller, Drake and Pharell Williams have preceded you. Good to know: this hairstyle is not so suitable if you suffer from baldness.


The buzz cut is the ideal haircut to cut yourself with a clipper, for example with a Clipper Series 7000. Set the clipper to 0.5 to 2 millimeters, start on the side of your head and cut against the direction of the hair. Then continue to the back of your head and finish the cutting session with the top. Do you not have that much confidence in your own cutting skills and would you rather not cut your hair yourself? Then your hairdresser or barber will gladly do it for you.

2. Textured crop


Is your hair cut too short? Then the next option is a  textured crop , short hair with a lot of texture on top. By millimetering the sides of your head but keeping the top a little longer, you create a playful, more accessible look. A short beard goes particularly well with this hairstyle and completes your look.

3. Mid-length wave


Perhaps the easiest hairstyle in these top five and one of the most successful hairstyles in 2019: medium length hair with waves. This hairstyle is the embodiment of the French “je ne sais quoi” and ideal if you have wavy hair of your own. Have your hairdresser regularly style your hair and do as little as possible yourself. Precisely by using no or hardly any hair products and letting your hair do its thing, this look is a success.

4. The half-bun


Not quite ready to say goodbye to the  man yet  ? Then the  half bun , or half bun, is your best friend. For women, this casual hairstyle has been hip for a while, but now the half bun is also making its appearance in men. Placing only the top half of your hair in a bun will create a more relaxed look and relaxed look.

5. Casual crest


Relaxed and yet taken care of down to the last detail, that is the casual crest. An ideal hairstyle if you are looking for a middle ground between short and medium hair, because this crest combines the best of both worlds. The side of your head is cut a little shorter, so that the full focus is on your crest. It is messy styled and can be worn both in a parting and back, depending on what suits your head, style and  mood  best. Also with gray hair, this look can work very well.