The chef of the world’s best restaurant will now cook after the lunar cycle


At the “best restaurant in the world” in Menton, the three-star chef now offers dishes designed around the moon phases.

The meal in the “best restaurant in the world” is now designed around flowers, fruits, leaves or roots, depending on the moonish phases. Mauro Colagreco is coming out of the corner with a new concept for his restaurant on the French Riviera.

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« I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t see myself opening the restaurant the way I left it.’Argentinian chef Mauro Colagreco, one of two three-star foreigners in France Michelin and his restaurant Mirazur in Menton on the French-Italian border was awarded “Best in the world” by 50 Best last year.

And this transformation will affect almost every court. His famous beetroot cooked in a salt crust with oszet caviar ” could have a place in the root menu”, but it wasn’t there yet Reopening June 12.

Changing the soul of Mirazur

In the “Floral” service, the theme is present in perfumes and dressings such as the “Gamberoni flower, rose petals, rhubarb and almond milk”.

A thousand-leaf edge with plants from the garden will appear on the map on the day of the “leaves” to accompany the lamb of the Maritime Alps.

« We have not changed the style of cooking, but the soul of the Mirazur Opened in 2006, says the 43-year-old chef, appreciated for his creative freedom and ability to invent up to 250 recipes a year.

To understand the chef’s development, all you have to do is visit his garden. On an area of three hectares, Mauro Colagreco grows potatoes and salsifis, as well as tropical species such as bananas and papayas to serve the 12 tables of his restaurant.

“Change the equation”

During three months of captivity” I worked a lot in the garden. It allowed me to vent my fears and be in contact with the earth. I have thought about many things: the pace of work, the way you produce how you consume… »

The garden already has an important place for the boss, but with his wife Julia he still wants ” change the equation” so that ” the restaurant is part of the garden and not the other way around.” as before.

« We work a lot with biodynamics and one of their leaders is the lunar calendar. For example, if we plant spinach, we do it on “Leaf Day” “says the man who coined the term “biodynamic haute cuisine”. »

The “Lunar” bet is a bit risky for a chef who is at the height of his career and recognition, but the Argentine, who arrived in France at the age of 25 and had everything to prove, knows how to get the moon.

He wants to convey his vision of nature to the customers, but assures that it is not ” a dogma” and that he will continue with delicacy.

Especially since these Asian and American customers will no longer be able to use their offer in the near future. Although the restaurant sold out until December before the Coronavirus outbreak, bookings are currently only possible until October and are mainly French and Europeans who have summer residences on the French Riviera.

“I have my doubts for November and December”, trusts the boss.

However, after the reopening of restaurants in France, the first signs are rather encouraging.

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In Paris, his restaurant GrandCoeur was quickly resumed. In Buenos Aires, on the other hand, the burger chain “Carne” is still closed due to the epidemic, House deliveries.

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