the benefits of insuring your car with your company

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Whoever says New Year says Salon de l’Auto! Despite the shift from 2021 auto show By January 2022, brands and insurance companies have adjusted the purchase of a new professional vehicle in January 2021 and are offering advantageous discounts. Seraphin, the start-up that simplifies your insurance, explains good in-store car insurance practices.

Insurance is usually offered by the dealer when purchasing the vehicle. In order to ensure the quality of the guarantees and the competitiveness of the offer, it is a good reflex to ask an insurer for a counter offer. Insurance companies often give additional discounts on this occasion during the auto show. It is therefore important to clearly specify the use of your vehicle in order to be well protected in the event of an accident: will you only use it for private use or also during your business trips?

seraph Here you will find everything you need to know to insure a vehicle for professional use.

Using the car: a point that must not be overlooked

First of all, it should be noted that a vehicle used for professional purposes must be insured for professional use. We don’t mean “professional use”, the fact that you use your vehicle to do your job. For example, a vehicle that is used by a consultant who drives to his clients during his working day, or a vehicle that is used by a nurse to visit his patients, must be insured according to professional use. In contrast to private use, one of the advantages of a professional car insurance is that it combines the 2 uses: personal and professional.

The professional use of a vehicle can be varied. When purchasing insurance, the company will attempt to understand the exact nature of the trips in order to insure the vehicle in the best possible way.

The policyholder: your company or you?

Additionally, the insurance company must determine who the policyholder is, since insuring a vehicle for business use does not automatically mean that it is done on behalf of a company. The insurance can be made on behalf of a natural person indicating that the use of the vehicle is professional, or the insurance can be made on behalf of a company (legal entity). Insuring a vehicle as a legal entity is a significant benefit as you can get up to 100% of VAT back.

Who is driving the vehicle?

Once the policyholder is selected, the drivers of the vehicle must be appointed. There are two options: the first is to designate a driver or two who will be included in the contract and named. The other option is not to name a driver. Everyone who works in the company can then only use the vehicle for work. One of the prerequisites for ensuring a vehicle fleet is that all drivers have the same profile and pose the same risk. For example, 2 young drivers and 6 experienced drivers cannot drive the same fleet. If a driver is not appointed, the company pays a higher premium because the risk is more difficult to measure. The worst penalty bonus is then often set at 14 (whereas for private use it would be 11 for a driver with little experience and poor standards).

If your company owns multiple vehicles (3 or more), you can insure them in a fleet known as the automobile fleet. The main advantage is to be able to group all vehicles under a single contract and thus benefit from advantageous prices and simplify contract management. Payment for all insurances can then be made at once.

This month of January, despite the cancellation of the Heysel event, the Belgians are still thinking about the auto show and can take advantage of tailor-made offers for professional car insurance as well as for the purchase of their cars company cars.