The 4711 Usage Ritual – My Personal Beauty Discovery of the Year | #Anzeige

In a few weeks Christmas is and if you are looking for a special gift, I would like to visit the 4711 Fragrance House in Cologne Glockengasse 4. Really!

I learned two things here. First: 4711 Real Kölnisch water is not a perfume. It’s an aromatherapy that used to be drunk. Second, because it is not a perfume, it is not used as a perfume.

Selected ingredients of real Cologne water are essential oils known for their specific aromatherapeutic effects: bergamot, lemon, orange, lavender, rosemary, petitgrain and neroli, which is extracted from the flower of bitter orange.

The exact composition of the “Aqua Mirabilis”, which was invented by a Cainian monk and further developed by the Cologne merchant Wilhelm Mühlens, is still kept top secret.

In order for the essential oils to work, the Real Kölnisch water must be inhaled. For this there is a special use ritual that has a beneficial effect on body, mind and soul. I first tried it in Cologne and have been convinced ever since.

Here’s how the 4711 use ritual works:

A few drops of 4711 Real Cologne water rub into your hands and inhale deep through the palms. Massage the rest of the remedy gently in the neck and sleep.

The effect is amazing: after the alcohol has disappeared, the body extracts from the 220 year old formula. Depending on the mood, 4711 Real Cologne water can have a calming or stimulating effect.

When I sit at the computer for a long time and my head buzzes, I freshen it up in between – and then I feel like I’m not in my little kabuff, but standing on the shore of the lake and breathing cool, fresh air.

Since then I have been aware of why Catherine the Great and Napoleon celebrated the product from Cologne as a miracle water. In fact, 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser is a milestone in perfume history and has created a whole genus of fragrances: the light Colognes.

I love the philosophy behind creations like 4711 Aqua Colonia, 4711 Remix Cologne or 4711 Acqua Colonia Intense: 4711 focuses on unobtrusive unisex fragrances made from pure mono essences. The 4711 Really Kölnisch Wasser Floral Collection is completely new. My favorite is surprisingjasmine because it is a feminine but fresh fragrance. Tea and citrus nuts make for this. I also note that the velvety smell of the tonka bean as a fragrance base is completely my thing.The 4711 fragrances should be used according to mood and individual preferences, but never appear overscented. Anyone who makes their way through the shelves in Cologne will find that this concept works.

On a trip I now always have a mini bottle with me, with which I can freshen up along the way and at the same time disinfect my hands – that also applies to the people of China or South America, where 4711 is also a bestseller.

For every visitor to Cologne, I want to historical leadership recommended by the museum: Expert staff not only get an exciting lesson in perfume, but also about cologne’s history.

If you want to delve deeper into the topic, join friends or colleagues in Fragrance seminar where you mix your personal Eau de Cologne, or even a personal 4-course fragrance menu In the historical atmosphere of the museum you will experience a four-course menu with accompanying oils.

If I’m in Cologne now, I’ll take a break from the fragrance house. I dive with my hands in the 4711 fountain on the ground floor and look at the large carpet that shows the famous scene of house numbering by the French in 1796. Then, stock piling up and listening to the hourclocks at the door, before I dive back into everyday life.

Photos: PR, Nadine von Bracht

[Bezahlte Partnerschaft mit 4711]