Tested and found to be good: These are my beauty heroes for winter

My eyes are bright red. The reason for this is a cream that I applied for three days before I couldn’t stop burning and itching. I don’t know what ingredient this reaction has caused, but my skin thanks me with an almost parchment-like condition and even more wrinkles. Age, never again! I prefer to rely on these treasures in my bathroom:

  • Super Seed Nutrition Cream Of Votary*: Thanks to Sarah Khurshid of Amazingy last year, I discovered this rich cream and am happy with the new packaging like a schnitzel. The product smells delicate and acts as a nourishing face thanks to the oils of superseeds (e.g. apricot, sunflower and pumpkin seed oil) that are in it. Despite the wealth, one does not seem like bacon peel.

  • Neuro Sensitive Double De-Stress Serum Day & Night by Reviderm*: This series for sensitive skin ensures that the skin barrier is strengthened, itching and redness are relieved. The result is a super comfort feeling, especially after subsequent care with the Neuro Sensitive De-Stress Cream, which smooths and keeps the skin supple.

  • Golden Chia Oil by MarlMare MarlMare: I use this product very sparingly, so precious I find it. If I feel like my skin needs more care, I add a drop of oil to my cream. I learned from Marlene Bescheul, the founder of the young natural cosmetics company: oil should always be applied to moist skin so that it “includes” the moisture in the skin. It really works.
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  • Resist Anti-Aging Eye Gel Paula’s Choice*: After having had such bad experiences with another product, the know-how of beauty guru Paula Begoun saves me again. This light, non-tasteless gel reduces swelling and provides plenty of fluid to the sensitive skin around my eyes. What really excites me is the cooling effect of the metal applicator. By putting the tube in the fridge, it even looks crass.

  • Barrier Defense Booster by Dermalogica*: This serum was recommended to me by my then beloved beautician Monique Fabig and I keep it as the Holy Grail because it is really smelly. But: The purchase is worth it! The serum is (m)an S.O.S. care based on oat oil, which immediately soothes, nourishes and hydrates the skin.

  • Primer Radiance Foundation by Laura Mercier*: I’ve been a fan of this brand for a long time, especially when it comes to tinted moisturizers and highlighters. This shimmering primer makes for the most beautiful glow I’ve ever had on my skin. Usually I no longer need makeup after application, because impurities, redness or my winter body pits are almost perfectly hidden.

In this sense: Make it beautiful for you!