Sustainable shopping at ReShare – The better world

The ReShare Stores are an initiative of the Salvation Army, which since 1885 has been collecting clothes for people who no longer have them so wide. Since 2013, the ReShare Store has been selling some of these collected garments. You will be surprised what can be found in the shops, because you will often find unisol. The clothes are sold at a low price, so it is also attractive to people who do not have to spend as much.

Today we are constantly buying new things, also because we are flooded with it via social media, newsletters, television and advertising brochures. You can do it differently, and that’s why it’s so nice that more and more second-hand shops are appearing on the streets. One of them is the ReShare Store a store with second-hand – vintage clothes.

Social storage

I met Joanne, the shop manager of the ReShare store in Alkmaar. I will be warmly welcomed with a cup of tea. I am surprised at how big the store is and how much choice there is in clothes and shoes. In the busy times there are sometimes up to 400 customers per day and because Alkmaar is also often visited by tourists who also come there regularly and often do not go out empty-handed. Because the prices are so attractive, you buy more than you had previously imagined. The ReShare Store provides work for people who have a distance from the labour market. There is also a collaboration with the Food Bank, where people picking up a food package sometimes find a voucher from the ReShare Store in the package to get a nice outfit.

Environmentally friendly

Buying used clothing is also good for the environment, because there are fewer textiles to make, saving a lot of raw materials and toxins. And clothing no longer has to come from all sorts of distant countries, which means that CO2 emissions are much lower. A win-win situation.


I also shot a nice article in the ReShare Store. It was a bit of a search, but this jacket is very unique. Here you will find well-known but also less well-known brands. I had a beautiful jacket on the head of no less than fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker. A nice piece that you can wear at Christmas, but also to a party. So you can also buy your Christmas outfit in the ReShare Store.

If you have become curious, go to and look where the stores are all and take a quick look to score a fun outfit for little.