Sophie Stone – The Better World

Sophie Stone is good if you want to buy fair fashion. All garments are manufactured under good working conditions, the lowest possible environmental impact and sustainable materials. The dresses come from all over the world such as London, Berlin, Stockholm, Istanbul, Cape Town, but also near Amsterdam. Each fashion item in the Sophie Stone collection shows where and where it was made and which labels it wears. The labels are a fair trade or fair wear label or the clothing has the GOTS certificate (international label for organic clothing and textiles). The materials that make up the clothing are environmentally friendly. Organic cotton, lyocell and tencel are used. These are plant materials produced without pesticides or insecticides and used as much as possible for the use of environmentally friendly dyeing materials and water.


Sophie Stone’s attire is stylish with an urban look and looks very feminine. As they are emerging fair fashion brands, the garments are not for sale in many places and are therefore so unique.

I received the Eithne pants from Alchemist. A beautiful toffee colored pants that sits comfortably. With the elastic waistband and the strings at the front, the trousers wear comfortably. You can wear the trousers with boots as well as casual sneakers. The trousers are made of 100% Tencel and are made in Portugal.

If you also want to wear an uneven piece, go to With the discount code BETTERWORLD you will receive a one-time discount of 15% until 31 January 2020.