sleeping in a cold room : Benefits

When we wake up in a cold room in the morning, we never really like it. Get up in that cold and walk to the hot shower as soon as possible. Yet sleeping in a cold bedroom has many more advantages than disadvantages.

Open your window for half an hour before going to sleep, because sleeping in a fresh bedroom is good for your health.

The benefits of a cold bedroom

The ideal temperature to sleep in is between 15 and 19 degrees. How is that exactly?

You fall asleep faster

Did you know that your body has a temperature cycle of 24 hours? The temperature is at its highest in the afternoon and at its lowest in the night. If your body wants to cool down, but is next to a warm heating system, you will never sleep well.

When you lie in a cold room, your body will get used to the natural cycle and get colder, so you will fall asleep like a baby.

You sleep deeper, and you sleep better

Various studies show that you not only fall asleep like a baby, but that you also sleep much better and deeper in a cold room. Do you wake up often at the end of the night, and then have trouble getting back to sleep? Chances are that your body will be awakened by a (too) warm bedroom. And that is precisely the reason why you do not fall asleep afterwards.

If you sleep in a colder room, there is a good chance that you will sleep well. Your body is kept cold by the cold room, so that it can stay longer in its natural temperature cycle.

You look younger (yes, really!)

Melatonin is a hormone and plays a role in the sleep-wake rhythm of our body. This hormone makes you look better in the morning. However, this hormone only works effectively when your body has cooled down. If you sleep in a too warm bedroom, the hormone will not develop properly and therefore the anti-age effect will be less. So the heating down quickly.

You burn more calories

If you want to lose some pounds, it is also recommended to sleep in a cold bedroom. You burn more calories while sleeping in a cold bedroom than in a warm bedroom. This keeps you fitter and makes it easier to get up in the morning. You also lower the risk of diabetes .

Your intimate zone down under also benefits

Lowering the temperature in the bedroom has an added benefit for women: sleeping in a cold bedroom can prevent vaginal infections. Bacteria especially like warm, brooding places. And if you sleep, preferably naked, in a cold bedroom, you prevent those sultry places down under .