Self-sufficiency without skilled workers: “Leave this resin strip and calluses” | Right away

Hairdressers put their scissors down, beauty salons closed, pedicures stand up and so we spend our time at home without professionals harassing, massaging or nurturing our bodies. A blessing for one, a loss for others. You can also (carefully) get started yourself. These beauty experts give their golden tips.

No one you see when you open the laptop in the morning. So why not put on a beautiful mask all day long? Don’t do it, says holistic skin specialist Daan Ooteman of Studio Nature Pure. “The skin can become restless if you clean it or feed it too much and can turn red, pimples or spots if you have too much stimulus.”

“Working in pyjamas directly from the bed does something with your energy. You see yourself unkempt in the reflection of the window and that doesn’t give you that boost to get started.”

“It’s nice to see yourself again without makeup! All these products age your skin.”

Linde Vos, make-up artist

So, says Ooteman: Honor your daily daily routine. “Always use day cream. This gives protection and the application is a sweetness for your skin and yourself.”

Homemade masks: yoghurt, egg and avocado

A mask about twice a week is nice for your face. Linde Vos works as a make-up artist and does it herself.

“I haven’t been wearing makeup since quarantine. It’s nice to see yourself again without makeup! All these products age your skin. I also notice that my eyelashes have become longer.”

“Iron along your partner’s spine as if you are apetaitatoato a dog. Your nervous system relaxes, the pressure goes out of the kettle.”

Daan Ooteman, holistic skin specialist

Now that we are sitting at home and the kitchen is always within reach, a mask or a scrub is made and applied. Vos: “An avocado with some honey takes care of well and hydrates well. On pimples you can spread yoghurt to let it dry. You can peel your face a few times a week with sugar, salt and oil.”

A massage with ice cubes over the face cools down and strengthens the skin, says the make-up artist.

Upper lip hair removal

Women with long, hard and dark facial hair often want to get rid of them, says Ooteman. And this is really a job for a professional. “Wait. Maybe we can go back to the beautician next week,” says the holistic skin specialist.

With a wax strip, Ooteman says, you listen carefully. The skin should be perfectly firm and the clamping hand firm. “If you do it wrong, you can walk around for weeks with a damaged upper lip.”

Do you want to get rid of your facial hair now? Use disinfected tweezers for stiff hair and a hair removal cream for parts of the face. “Do this in the evening and not so quickly in between. Then spread some Aloe Vera Gel in the places you have hairied and then go to sleep.”

Foot care: Bathing

A foot bath is more than it looks, says the holistic skin therapist. “We often have a whirlwind of thoughts and worries. This creates the need to floor-to-earth.”

She says it’s possible with a foot bath. “The energy goes out of our heads, flows at your feet and your whole body relaxes. Grab your phone with a simple meditation app.

And so, says Ooteman: Don’t grab these calluses grater to be on your heels. “That comes back to a pedicure. They themselves quickly go too far and hurt their feet so easily.”

Lemon in hair

A nice summer coupe soleil at the hairdresser is not in it, but if you want to get out of quarantine a little easier, you can add lemon juice to your hair and sit in the sun.

“It gives you natural highlights.” Leaving a crushed egg in the hair all day makes for nourished hair, just like olive oil. “The egg stinks, but your hair will make it look beautiful.”

End the day with skin contact

To end a working day at home, a massage is a pleasant way to relax, says Ooteman. “You don’t have to have any special skills for that. Iron along your partner’s spine as you apetaitatoatoato a dog. Your nervous system relaxes, the pressure goes out of the kettle. We are all hungry for skin and through loving touch you can really relax.”