Scottish season ends despite Rangers resistance, Celtic re-champions | Right away

Following in the footsteps of the Netherlands, France and Belgium, it was also decided in Scotland to end the season due to the coronary crisis. League leaders Celtic were unanimously crowned champions on Monday and Hearts were relegated.

Celtic led rivals Rangers FC to the Ladbrokes Premiership after 30 games. “The Bhoys” wins its ninth title in a row and is the 51st time it has been a champion.

The decision to declare Celtic champions is painful for rivals Rangers, who have been looking into the end of the season for weeks. The Glasgow-based club claims the vote was unfair.

Although 33 of Scotland’s 42 professional clubs voted for an immediate end to the season, Rangers questioned the process. The 54-time champion of Scotland called for an independent investigation into the process, with Dundee FC given the decisive vote.

The Championship club originally wanted to vote against it. This vote never reached the SPFL, and Dundee voted in favour. After the confusing turnover, the SFPL went into consultation with the clubs at the highest level and has now decided to end the season. It is unclear whether Rangers are now at peace with this election.

In Scotland, as in France and Belgium, there is the choice of awarding a title and applying promotion and relegation. The Netherlands is the only country that has foreseen this.

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