Salvatore Ferragamo: The brand’s racist politics exposed by a star

As with the French brand Celine, Salvatore Ferragamo’s position was also questioned by Internet users. Actor Tommy Dorfman (especially seen in the series) 13. Why) even denounced the racist policies of the label with which he collaborated. Tommy Dorfman was the photographer for Salvatore Ferragamo’s Viva Viva campaign.

At the moment, it is essential to show racist companies. (…) I regret the partnership with the brand. I thought I could change it by talking, but all I got was an insignificant apology. I distanced myself from them after they discriminated against ONE talent I had cast for a campaign when they promised not to do it. Those who run this company are racist. They are transphobic. They are against body positivism“, explains Tommy Dorfman in his History Instagram.

Then he says, “Your artistic director [Paul Andrew, en poste depuis février 2019, NDLR] asked me directly if we could make a black model white through Photoshop. They told me directly about transphobic, crude and racist things that were abhorrent. (…) They threatened to sue me when I talked about it, and I said nothing because of the fear. (sic) Damn. That time is over.