Romee Strijd Pregnant: Supermodel reveals her baby’s sex

Romee Strijd’s impatience can be explained by the surprise of her pregnancy. The pretty 24-year-old blonde thought she was in a sterile state because of a disease, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), due to the constant stress she is under. “I was devastated because it’s my biggest dream to be a mother and start a family with Laurens. I was so scared that I could never do it because I was told it was harder to have babies naturally. I never felt mentally super stressed, so it was hard to understand that, but my life consisted of traveling all the time (no biorhythm), sports every day, eating super light (and restricting food)She said on Instagram.

But Romee is pregnant. She will allow her followers to follow the development of her pregnancy until the big day of birth!