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Earlier this week, there was suddenly much to do in the media and on social media to comply with the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment ‘RIVM’s guidelines for sexual contact: people were allowed to have a “sex buddy” or “cuddle buddy” again. These terms were later removed from the RIVM website Loketgezondleven.nl. What exactly?

A RIVM spokesperson confirms NU.nl that the guidelines on the page ‘Coronavirus and Sexuality‘ have indeed been adapted. Where at first the advice was quick that sex because of the virus is only possible between fixed partners, this could now also be done with a so-called sex buddy.

Columnist Linda German von The Parole Board was one of the first to notice the change on the RIVM website on Thursday night. “Asjemenou! The RIVM has changed the advice, because “it makes sense that as a single person you also want to have physical contact”. Sex friends are allowed as long as you are free of complaints and make good appointments, Tweeted they are happy. Several media outlets also took over the news and unpacked it.

However, the reactions that the guidelines for sex friends brought to the media and on social media did not bring the RIVM to come. “That’s why we have some nuances on the website on Friday morning,” the spokesman said.

It was not the intention to have “random sex contacts,” she explains. “The advice is more for people who are in a LAT relationship or want to have sex with someone they have known for a long time. Provided you are both free of complaints.”

Words that have now been removed from the site

Meanwhile, the words sex buddy and cuddly buddy have been removed from the site because they may have been a little too “indiscriminate.” For example, the phrase “agree with the same person to have physical or sexual contact” has also been removed.

If you want to have intimacy or sex with someone else as a single person but don’t have a fixed partner, you can have sex according to rivm guidelines, but must make sure that he or she “minimizes” the risk of coronavirus. “Discuss how best to do it together.” How? The RIVM makes no statements on this.

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