Review Underwear Saint Basics – The Better World

During training, a bra often irritates. The straps fall off or the bra appears. Not nice if you’re just in a nice workout and you’re constantly pulling your bra. That’s why I went looking for a good sports bra that also sits comfortably and I think I found it!

Eco-friendly underwear

In my search I came across the page of Saint Basics. Saint Basics promises soft underwear made from natural fabrics such as eucalyptus. I love the smell of eucalyptus, but I didn’t know she made eucalyptus underwear. Also promised a nice fit, anti-smell and no abrasive labels. That sounds good, at least.

When I get the set, which consists of a bra (without suspenders), shirt and panties sent home, I feel right that it feels very soft. I don’t see any labels either, so it’s going well. The underwear is beautifully designed and when I put it on, it fits perfectly. Now look at how the sport will go with this set. This fits perfectly, because the bra stays in place and I don’t really feel like I’m wearing it. That is how it should be.

The history of Saint Basics

Saint Basics products are 95% more environmentally friendly than normal products and 100% free of pesticides, sweatshops, child labour and unfair trade. From cotton to underwear, it goes a long way. The cotton comes from the cotton fields on the Aegean Sea. Since the cotton has a longer fiber there, the fabric feels softer. The eucalyptus comes from the trees of Ermelo. No… not in the Netherlands, but in South Africa. Fibres are made from the pulp of the eucalyptus trees in Austria for the fabrics. The whole process is zero waste and has been awarded an EU prize for the environment. Fibres, cotton and eucalyptus go to Portugal in the spinning mill, where the fibres are spun into high-quality yarn. Then they are knitted into super-soft fabrics and dyed and printed with natural colours. The clothes are made in Portugal with love of adults with professional knowledge, so no child labour. After that, the products continue on their way to the Netherlands, because that is fine. All products are sold online, so no shops and intermediaries, so the money saved is given to charities and the community of Saint Basics.

Op Find different types of underwear and shirts for men and women. So if you also want to contribute to a better environment and nice sedentay underwear, then I would definitely take a look here.