Quarantine chic: aeron’s batik blouse

The Hungarian label Aeron Aeron makes for high spirits – find my sweatpants. Given the current world situation, our trip to Budapest in January seems to be light years ago. At that moment I got an idea of the creative potential in the city on the Danube and completely snarled me. I knew Eszter’s label ‘ron by name early on and I knew early on that she specialized in vegan leather. I thought it was crazy at the time. But Eszter, who comes from a textile dynasty, had the right inspiration to show in her collection the portability of leather above the latex leggings.

The Batik blouse from the SS20 collection convinced me. At first glance, she looks rather boxy on the hanger, dressed as a feminine but casual favorite. Full of my thing, I also find

Meanwhile, vegan leather has become a luxury item – even putting the ‘eron in the washing machine’. However, it would be unfortunate for the Interior Ministry and so I am waiting for the right opportunity when it is necessary to get the special garments out of the closet again. And he’ll definitely come.

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Transparency: The blouse is a PR monster and was made available to me to photograph Prague PR.