Pauline Ducruet, back to basics: She opens a shop in Monaco

Pauline Ducruet was equally inspired for this 2020 summer collection.on the bright side of the French Riviera“as a New York”Underground” She knows it well because he studied fashion in the Big Apple. The result is a clever blend of luxurious fabrics and more raw materials such as silk and denim. “There is a lot of 100% silk, 100% cotton, lots of jeans and leather too. Leather and denim are two upcycled materials [recycl√©es], so there is no production of jeans and leather, the materials that require a lot of water and chemical materials to produceThe 26-year-old even added a mask to her collection.

With her mother, with her half-sister Camille Gottlieb, imprisoned in Monaco, Pauline Ducruet has not only refined her tan with her friends. She used this break to imagine her next creations: “I spent a lot of time creating new models, drawing, thinking“, she announced.