Outside Brrrr, inside Pooh –

ADVERTISING | It is now clear: the lockdown will be extended until mid February. I still remember buying my first mask a year ago and then thought it was safe for me. Ha! Ha!

I now have dozens of masks that match my outfits or look totally crazy. Anyone who, like us, depends on local public transport, will quickly discover which rubbish and which are top notch.

My friend Sissi’s are definitely so soft that even after an hour of riding on the train, there are no marks on my face. Reportedly, the fine dust mask (FFP stands for “filtering face piece”) is now for everyone. What times.

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Mask: The Siss BlissJacket: Ganni, Sweatshirt: Isabel Marant Etoile, Jeans: Closed, Bag: L. Credi