Outdoor Coat by Haglöfs – The Better World

If you want to control nature through weather and wind, you can’t come up with a house, garden and kitchen trench coat, but you have to wear a good coat that is waterproof and windproof and preferably sustainable. Because with a rainstorm that can just get up, it’s not good to get to your destination soaked in soaked.

Protected from all weather conditions

The coat of Haglöfs, which I was able to test, is the Grym Evo (link insert: https://www.haglofs.com/nl/en-nl/grym-evo-jacket-women/p/604255-2C5.html?size=030) and has all three must-haves that I have already mentioned. It is waterproof and windproof and also durable. The jacket is made of Haglöf’s own PROOFTm ECO recycled fabrics to create the ultimate weatherproof and breathable fabric. The jacket has ultrasonic welds that combine excellent protection and comfort. And there is wearing comfort, because there is no excitement around this jacket with all sorts of pockets and frills, but only two pockets on the front of the jacket, a pocket with zipper on the chest, a nice hood and under each arm a zipper for additional ventilation.

The only gadget that this jacket has is that there is a Recco reflector on it, which means that if you land under the snow, for example, they can find you with a Recco detector. This is super handy. A jacket that protects you well with rain, wind and in the snow.

For more than 100 years

Haglöfs is a Swedish brand and has been around since 1914. The brand wants to make outdoor life more enjoyable by developing and producing reliable, sustainable and functional clothing with minimal impact on nature. The brand also aims to inspire people to go and enjoy everything that nature has to offer.

By: Tessa Dry