Nuis hopes to become a better sprinter in Team Reggeborgh | Right away

Kjeld Nuis hopes to develop with his new team Reggeborgh as a sprinter. The 30-year-old Nuis recently joined the team of coach Gerard van Velde, despite an ongoing contract with Jumbo-Visma.

The two-time Olympic champion says he has definitely improved financially, but the sport has been the deciding factor for him. “The important thing is that I want to win Olympic gold in China in two years. That I often miss the first few meters now,” he said Ad.

“Of course skating is my passion, but it has also become work, so you make money from it. The fact that the offer was very good certainly played a role. But I’m not going to skate anywhere where I don’t think I’m going to get better. Then they can give three million, but I still don’t go there.”

He had been looking forward to working with Kai Verbij and Dai Dai Ntab in Reggeborgh, but they switched to Jumbo-Visma. “I really liked it for a day. Then I thought: they are so good because they skated with Gerard. I need his tips that will make my 100 meters faster.”

Kjeld Nuis and Jac Orie worked together for ten years. (Photo: Pro Shots)

‘I’m not going to ride jumbo’

The move to Reggeborgh came as a surprise to Jumbo coach Jac Orie. Nuis and Orie worked together for ten years. Just over a year ago, Nuis extended his contract with the team.

Orie announced last week that he felt “not comfortable” with his pupil’s successful departure, but there is no sense of revenge as far as Nuis is concerned. “No hard feelings. I hope not the other way around,” he says.

‘I’m going to go out of the winter hard but I’m not going to race against Jumbo, I think that’s so nonsense. I don’t have to prove myself.’