New Donor Act entered into force, but will not be put into practice until autumn | Right away

The new donor law came into force on Wednesday. However, due to the coronary crisis, adult Dutch people have until the autumn to make their choice. Those who do not register in the end automatically agree to organ donation.

7.3 million Dutch people have now fulfilled their election, the Government Wednesday. Fifty-three percent of them give permission to donate organs and tissues. Thirty-six percent don’t want to become donors, and 11 percent leave the choice to the family or a specific person after their death.

Nearly seven million adults have not yet registered in the donor register. From September, they will receive a letter from the government calling for this. If you do not fill in six weeks after receiving this letter, you will receive a second letter.

If you do not take action after six weeks, you will be entered in the donor register with “no objections to organ donation”. People can change their preferences at any time.

Originally, people had until July 1 to record their choice. However, Minister Martin van Rijn for medical care has given the Dutch more time. He felt that they had enough in mind with the Corona crisis.

This summer, the Dutch government is launching a radio and television campaign to inform everyone about the new donor law.