Naomi Osaka: The tennis woman becomes an ambassador for a big house

Until then, Naomi Osaka was only connected to Nike, its supplier. On the fringes of tennis and fashion, the 23-year-old Japanese has also shown himself to be a dedicated celebrity. Last September, she used the US Open to demonstrate against racism and police violence by wearing protective masks filled with the names of the victims of these two scourges. Naomi had won the tournament, her second US Open in three years, after her first win in 2018.

Also last summer, Naomi Osaka protested against criticism from internet users. The latter had reacted badly to the publication of photos of her in a bikini, a sign that she wanted to get rid of the image of an innocent teenager who has followed her since her surprise victory in the final of the 2018 US Open against tennis icon Serena Williams.

Naomi Osaka responded to these negative comments. “”I just want to say that the number of people who tell me in the comments to keep my “innocent image” and not try to be someone I don’t really like. You don’t know me, I wear swimsuits by the pool. Why do you think you can comment on what I’m wearing?“she tweeted.