Naomi Campbell jailed: a meal a day to keep the line

Because of the coronavirus, the stars are without output! Naomi Campbell is busy with an interview show she started on YouTube. The supermodel also answers questions and reveals her containment diet: she only eats once a day.

It is at the Wall Street Journal that Naomi Campbell talked about her only daily meal, containment regime to keep her line. The 49-year-old icon spoke about the future of the fashion industry, which has been shut down because of the pandemic and has been tracking its days since the early 1940s. On Sundays, Naomi settles for just one dish at noon. “I have lunch. Lunch is my dinner, because in reality I only eat once a day.” “Sunday is my delicious day, so I make desserts, cakes and puddings” she adds. A gourmet reward to end a strict week!