This year I’m going to be 42. The topic of anti-aging is the focus of my skin care. I can’t and won’t turn back time, but my motto is still: “Dear a well-groomed wrinkle, rather than an unkempt!”

It’s not just the effectiveness of a cream that’s important to me. As with most people, safe ingredients, sustainability and animal welfare have become a personal standard and determine my buying behaviour. That’s why I’m very happy to be working with L’OR’AL PARIS this year and that I’m part of this skincare campaign alongside Jessica Weiß (Journelles), Lou Beyer (Some Good Spirits) or Claudia Steinlein (Glam up your Lifestyle).

Founded in Paris in 1909, I come into contact with wonderful ambassadors like Iris Berben and, of course,: “Because I’m worth it.” I think the famous slogan of not only the best possible product, but the claim to a flawless production, is the biggest concession that can be made to yourself and the environment. This does not mean that the best cream is the one that is particularly expensive.

How L’OR-AL PARIS convinced me:

The tolerability of the skin care products is tested under dermatological control for all skin types, including sensitive skin such as mine. The minimum is 600 applications, while L’OR-AL PARIS’s anti-wrinkle care series have decades of research. Apart from the scientifically confirmed effectiveness of the products, efforts for more sustainability are not empty words. The sustainability programme “Sharing beauty with everyone” was launched in 2013 and encourages, among other things, the reduction of waste and CO2 emissions at all German sites in the Global leader Forward.

In cooperation with dm, for example, Beautiful apartdesigned to improve waste separation and recycling rates. In five years, 50% of the plastics used by L’OR-AL will be recycled or grown organically. Already, about 80% of new or revised products have an improved social or environmental profile. In addition to melting crucibles and bottles made of glass, the elimination of cellophane film is an important step in minimizing the use of plastic. Instead, a small seal now confirms the integrity of the product.

Which touches me personally after my sister-in-law died of leukemia three years ago: The Look good feel betterDKMS and L’OR-AL’s program helps cancer patients improve their quality of life by participating in free cosmetic seminars.

This point is also important to me: L’OR-AL does not test products or ingredients on animals. As early as 1989, all animal testing for all end products was discontinued. In addition, the company is actively committed to recognizing alternative testing methods such as Episkin, a reconstructed model of human epidermis, in China.

What happens now?

In the coming months I will introduce you to my anti-aging heroes and explain why the Revitalift Laser X3 Day Care SPF 20 or the Revitalift Filler [+Hyaluronsäure] Padded anti-wrinkle serum with 1.5% hyaluronic acid to do my skin good and how to apply the products properly. There are now so many ingredients and application rituals that I sometimes lose sight of myself. I get tips from Dr. Sabine Zenker, a world-renowned German dermatologist and L’OR-AL PARIS skincare expert. She knows all about protection, hydration, rejuvenation, tightening, detoxification and regeneration – I want to pass on this concentrated skincare know-how to you. I’m looking forward to it!

[Bezahlte Partnerschaft mit L’ORÉAL PARIS]