My beauty favorites in the New Year

At the beginning of January, the German beauty label Magicstripes donated its weekly profit from the online shop Australia. For me, the noble action of the founder Natalie Franz was a good reason to buy the fantastic collages Eye Patches, which, after a sleepless night even with my claws give a radiant look.

Also in terms of cannabinoids, I’m finally in the picture at the beginning of 2020 and try with 10% Hemp oil drops promote a restful sleep, while the “super serum” is supposed to soothe my extremely distressed skin after Christmas.

What happened to my Glow? Powder-sweetened vanilla chicken ferl, dry heating air and the whimsical treatment of various beauty products have helped my perioral dermatitis (POD) to a new flowering time.

Meanwhile, the soothing serum from Dr. Barbara Sturm offers a nice sense of well-being in the rest of my face. It is my first product of the German beauty brand and I am very excited because it significantly reduces the burning in my face. In addition, the self-protection of the skin is to be strengthened again, which is particularly important with pod.

I bought the fashion jewelry and accessories for the hair in the sale to be able to distract from the skin problems. Especially the big rhinestone hair clips are fun now, because my outfits are always the same nowadays: sweaters, jeans, boots. Sweater, jeans, boots. Sweater, Jeans, Boots… A little bling doesn’t hurt!

Collagen Eye Patches: Magicstripes Magicstripes, CDB Serum: Hora Super Serum via The Chillery, Calming serum: Dr. Barbara Sturm, Scrunchie: H&M, Hair clips: H&M, Earrings: H&M