My Beauty ❤ in June | #Anzeige

Press samples, olé! All these beautiful, interesting and new things I’ve been sending, tested and found lately to be good.

Avocado Melt Sleep Mask Of Glow Recipe

I’ve been eating the green fruits less lately, but I’ll treat myself to this 1x a week Clean beauty Mask that tightens my skin at night and provides a lot of moisture.

Disinfectant Myhy now!

I like that Hyaluron serum and organic rose waxescompany of Märkische Schweiz. This hand sanitizer is also top notch, as it is also Hyaluronic acid is enriched, the skin does not dry out like conventional products and smells pleasantly like lavender, myrtle and orange.

Gold chain of CLSD x MXMV

This piece of jewellery led to a collaboration between Closed and the Berlin jewelry label Maximova. This summer, interspersed with the shell chain of Wald Berlin, it adorns my neck. I’m not sure what the trailer should represent. My friend Marlene and I say it’s a dörrpflaume!

Nail polish 19 of gitti Beauty

I work a lot with the Berlin beauty company this year. This happens out of conviction, because toxic nail polish no longer comes into my house. Baby Peng loves this color: Soft coral. Like all gitti nail polishes, it is water-based, vegan and additionally enriched with nourishing vitamins.

Fragrance oils out Doterra Doterra

These three essential oils gave me Esther Bauer After complaining on Instagram about my huge hay fever this year. I pour a drop into the palm of my hand and breathe deeply. The effect is really good, because I can breathe more freely afterwards.

Lash Paradise Mascara by L’Oréal Paris

“Wooosh!” – that’s how the lashes do when they come into contact with this mascara. Deep black, perfectly separated: that’s how I love my eyelashes. What I will never use, however, is an eyelash pliers. Instead, I discovered the eyelash lift for me and let it do it here: Cosmetic studio visible. (The mascara on the right is from Nui Cosmetics and also great!)

Key chain of MBRC ocean

I remember surfing in Bali among plastic waste. MBRC The Ocean collects the old fishing nets, bags, mugs and bottles from the sea. The plastic waste is then processed into high-quality ropes from which bracelets and Keychain This is what it’s like. 15% of profits donated to environmental projects.