Methods and tricks to cut your own hair during captivity

Beauty and well-being

Is it time to cut her hair? Here are some tips.

Although our appearance is not a primary necessity in these times of containment, it is still important to take care of our body and also our hair. To keep the hair healthy, masks can be applied once a week, but masks should also be cut from time to time, especially the tips for women.

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Professionals will say that nothing beats a good haircut in a salon, but there are few other options available to us at the moment. Together we will see methods spotted on the Internet to cut your hair, whether it’s just the tips or lengths, as well as some tips not to miss. To your scissors!

Some tips

  • Always keep the natural texture of your hair cut. For smooth hair we cut it wet. For curly and curly hair, they are cut dry to better see what the final rendering will look like.
  • Use a small pair of scissors. “Use small blades, like nail scissors. The smaller the blade, the smaller the error.”, advises Anita Rice, hairdresser and founder of Buller and Rice, The Independent.
  • Make small cuts and vertical. This will avoid an unsightly line at the end of the hair.
  • Always cut longer than you really want. This will save you from unpleasant surprises, and you can always check out to adjust if needed.
It is best to cut with a small pair of scissors to start. © Pexels / Nick Demou

The Unicorn Method

If you have long, smooth hair, this method will be perfect for you. Collect all your hair on the top of the skull, over the forehead. Make sure your hair is well brushed. Once your hair is tied, you can cut to the desired length. As explained in the video, it is best to cut diagonally to have a rounded and degraded effect (the longest hair will be at the top and the shorter one at the bottom). The larger the angle, the more marked the gradient.

The three-step method for men

In more than a month’s imprisonment, these gentlemen will have to find a solution to cut their hair a little. With this video you don’t have to go through the “zero ball” box. First, shorten the pages with a mower. We have to go from the bottom up. To achieve a gradient effect, lift the mower before reaching the tip (demonstration in the video at 1:52 a.m.). Start with a large comb (for example, the 4) and gradually decrease to create a harmonious gradient. Then clean around the ear and neck. Finally, cut the rest of the hair on top with scissors to remove the tips.

And as Alpha rightly says: ‘Remember, we’re stuck in it, so if they cut too much at the back, it doesn’t matter. It will grow again. »

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The more classic method

Another method to cut both in length and only the tips. Make two braids on each side – you can also make two duvets as in the video, but the braids bring your hair together better. You can also collect and tie your hair, separated into two parts, in front of the chest. Keep the end of your hair between your fingers for as long as you want and cut along your finger. So you don’t have a gradient with this method, but cut hair perfectly straight.

The method to easily cut off your spikes

If we just want to refresh our hair a little without changing our hairstyle, we have found the right technique. Take a strand of hair with your middle finger and block it with your index finger and ring finger. Gradually descend along the length, and when you see a fork, cut it with scissors. Come to the bottom of the wick, cut the ends vertically as explained above in the tricks, so that the rendering is more natural.