Men’s fashion – basics properly combined

In order not to have to run after every style fashion, it makes sense to simply buy the right jeans several times when shopping. This way, the number of shopping trips to the pedestrian zones of the world can be reduced to a minimum.

But that doesn’t mean that your own style has to look boring. The only thing that matters is to combine the timeless garments correctly and to upgrade them with one or the other accessory. Many items of clothing simply never go out of style, so they can always be worn. So time for a list of the best basics that always go.

The T-shirt
Ever since Marlon Brando appeared in 1951 in a simple piece of work clothing – at that time still underwear – in the classic “Endstation Sehnsuch” (a timeless classic as well as an outstanding object in film history), the simple T-shirt has become an integral part of everyday culture .

A simple white t-shirt is as simple as it is timeless – a classic with which you never look under- or overdressed. Cleverly combined, the t-shirt is enough as the basis for a sophisticated but sporty evening wear.

If you want it to look a little better, a polo shirt is also an option. The great thing about this garment: It is cheap – polo shirts from Fruit of the Loom or other brands can simply be bought in stock and the basis for a suitable outfit is always in the closet.

The sneakers
The sneaker, the elegant sneaker, is no longer just in the sports hall. Combined with jeans and a simple white T-shirt, the casual, sporty outfit is immediately complete.

But the sneaker doesn’t have to remain part of a casual wardrobe. Sneakers can also be combined with a suit, and loosen up the stiff garment a bit – without appearing silly.

The days when an appearance in sneakers caused a sensation are long gone. Nobody will cry out of indignation when a sneaker-shod guest comes into a fine restaurant – but the sneaker still lends a flair of self-confidence and independence.

Men Jacket

Leather jackets
And once again Marlon Brando has shaped men’s fashion: his appearance in a leather jacket in (just as great a classic as “End station longing”) “Der Wilde” made the leather jacket the must-have of every semi-strong man. The youth culture of the half-strong has long since sunk in the 1950s, but the clothes that the hooligans (as they were called and criminalized in the GDR) are still the basis for timeless men’s outfits.

The leather jacket had its origins even before the half-strong in the 50s – the first leather jackets that looked like a typical modern leather jacket were the uniform jackets of American pilots in World War II. This aura was used by the semi-powerful – and it remains to this day. The wearer immediately wears a little hero flair when he wears a black leather jacket-

The beige trench coat
Today a garment for the upscale wardrobe, the trench coat also has its roots in a time when it was less about fashion than functionality. The leather jacket protected the pilot from the icy wind at high altitude – the trench coat was supposed to protect soldiers from the elements in the muddy, wet, cold and miserable trenches of the First World War.

Designed for British officers, a mixture of exclusivity and boldness still surrounds the trench coat today. Today it is no longer known as a piece of clothing from the trenches, but as a distinctive mark of detectives like Columbo or as a coat by Humphrey Bogart – for decades the trench coat has been a classic that will never look old.